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TimeBender's News

Posted by TimeBender - October 25th, 2021

guys ive been on the forums and now im back into audio with this

Thank You -512chip (newgrounds.com)

and i cleaned up my page

Posted by TimeBender - January 27th, 2011

i commited myself to this album and im going to finish it like i finish everything else i commit myself to (four other albums) but i'm all and all going take a break to stop myself from going further insane and watch some tv's shows and a movie (fear of a black hat, i am sam)

Posted by TimeBender - January 24th, 2011

in relation to the current thread in the art portal that being discussed right now (in terms of bbs time) i decided not to change the font. why? well because i have never looked at anything, art or not and thought "thats an overused font" so i wont misrepresentate myself by using another font.

when i was choosing fonts, looking to see if there was a good one installed before i checked online. i doubted that id find one, but i knew exactly what i wanted and the font that i chose was exactly that.

so it'll stay. but it could change if something better comes along

Posted by TimeBender - January 24th, 2011

at lvl 39 in MW2 and i get the M16 next level. thing is. I do not want to grind to get it anymore. I'm like 15000 xp away, thats like 8 or 9 games. 3 or 4 if i get a big challange, and i never try to get those unless im getting the gernade launcher, akimbo, tacticle knife or something.

they should have made to where if your not the person who wants to grind to have nice shit, you could have the option of getting all weapons/attachments/perks and such immediatly. it wont kill anyone or anything.


Posted by TimeBender - January 23rd, 2011

So I made a thread asking ( in the sampling forum ) where everyone got there samples, if it was vinyl, CD, tape, or anything of the sort. and it was deleted, there was not even a thread similar anywhere on the site. The title of it was "loss less flips lossy" sorta quick thought play around the question.

that site is bullshit anyways.

Posted by TimeBender - January 23rd, 2011

im up in the woods
im high off my mind
im building up in my lungs
to slow down the time

ha, i might use that one day

also, its pretty much official that derrickcomedy is dead.


Posted by TimeBender - January 22nd, 2011

why the fuck am i being denied access to my own files?

do you suck that much skydrive?

Posted by TimeBender - January 20th, 2011

I noticed that I usually wake up around 9pm ish no early really, sometimes later but not by much. This is an issue obviously, but it goes indepth further that I usually sleep around 4am sometimes though if i dont do this ill sleep the next day. So thats 91011121234 seven hours to stay awake. Imagine the only time your awake is around 80% of the time you spend at school during one day. Pretty lame.

Related. I used something called rainymood or something. Its just rain sounds its pretty cool. The devs tipped and said play your music over/under it. Now that was awesome, ill do an album one day with rain within every song. I'll be a prominent thing. I want to at least.

edit: added that it was 9pm not just 9 which could mean 9am

Posted by TimeBender - January 18th, 2011

i've recreated it

Posted by TimeBender - January 18th, 2011

His best song is "We Want Love" and his other would be "Grey Matters"

This can not be disputed.