In relation to my on going insombia

2011-01-20 03:06:15 by TimeBender

I noticed that I usually wake up around 9pm ish no early really, sometimes later but not by much. This is an issue obviously, but it goes indepth further that I usually sleep around 4am sometimes though if i dont do this ill sleep the next day. So thats 91011121234 seven hours to stay awake. Imagine the only time your awake is around 80% of the time you spend at school during one day. Pretty lame.

Related. I used something called rainymood or something. Its just rain sounds its pretty cool. The devs tipped and said play your music over/under it. Now that was awesome, ill do an album one day with rain within every song. I'll be a prominent thing. I want to at least.

edit: added that it was 9pm not just 9 which could mean 9am


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